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Kiddo Plus

Busy Board

Busy Board

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Busy Board:

Busyboards are made for ages of 2+ YRS . It helps develop visual perception, ability to concentrate and motility. When a baby plays with the busyboard, the toys are not thrown all over the room, but stay fixed to the board. It is easier to learn opening doors, pushing buttons and switches, open and close a zipper with the busyboard. Your baby will learn digits, opening simple locks and develop finger agility at the same time. 

Babies constantly enjoy imitating the behaviors of adults. Accessing those items that control daily life will be challenging or dangerous. A baby can learn the skills and experience it using their senses of touch, vision, hearing, and proprioception with the help of this sensory board, which benefits the sensory component of the brain in numerous ways. Babies will not feel excluded when they use the items and will feel a part of the adult world. 

 The baby will be engrossed in each activity for hours, which is why the busy board label fits each activity perfectly. 

 There are no sharp edges or choking hazards on any of the components, making them all safe to use. The mirror is made of child-safe acrylic and is delivered fully put together.

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