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Knobless Cyclinder Montessori

Knobless Cyclinder Montessori

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Knobless Cyclinder Montessori:

These cylinders are sorted and stored in wooden boxes according to their color: yellow, green, red, and blue. The yellow and green set varies in both height and diameter. 

Play with toddlers as they work on it,they can use lots of great vocabulary such as: tall/er, short/er, wide/r, thin/ner, helps to develop language skills. 

Wood material manufacturing ensuring durable and safety for children play. Finely polished surface without burrs makes it safety for children to play. 

Designed to develop the child's visual perception of size, educational toy. Develop children's ability to recognize colors, build blocks, and improve observation and coordination. 

Parents can play it with kids to enhance the interaction between children and parents. For the child's early development, because of the small size, children please play with adults. 

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