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Kiddo Plus

Learning Tower

Learning Tower

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Learning Tower: 
·       There are two ways to use our learning tower. One use is as a step stool, and the other is as a desk and chair. 

  • our tower in the step stool position is the tallest product on the Indian market.
  • To date, no other Indian design has taken advantage of this space for simple entry and exit. To sit and let young children out, we must lift them especially.
  • The crawlers lose their independence. The children can easily enter and exit the hassle-free space behind the desk on their own.
  • Because of our dedication to thorough research, safety inspections, compliance with industry standards, and the numerous iterations we release before releasing the best version, we as manufacturers are able to maintain this competitive edge.
  • The natural material has a smooth finish made of non-toxic materials.
  • Using D-nuts and bolts for simple assembly and disassembly increases stability and sturdiness.
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