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Kiddo Plus

Rainbow Rocker

Rainbow Rocker

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 Rainbow Rocker: 
·       Children play together, strengthen their communication skills and learn the value of teamwork. Never let staying indoors prevent another day of exploration or imaginative play with our rainbow rocker. 

  • A breakfast table, a lemonade stand, a sight seeing chair, rocking horse, rowing boat, up and down a see saw, climbing arch, tunnel down, a hammock, a crawling cave - You can discover something versatile about your kid when you give them this open ended marvel. 
  • Small children can climb it and slide down the opposite side. To be used all the way through adulthood.
  • Spend hours with your kids enjoying nonstop entertainment. The large handle grips make it simple to use.
  • Softly rocking a baby can quickly transform into a crawling tunnel if you turn the baby around.
  • High quality wood was used in its construction, making it the perfect choice for children.
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