We care about our planet. For this reason, Kiddo Plus aims to be operating sustainably and ethically at every level.
brown wooden robot toy on white surface
brown wooden robot toy on white surface

Working Ethos

For Mr. Venkat and Mr. Bala, planning ahead is a central component of sustainable design. Work begins with sketches of ideas before any production is carried out. Fully conceptualizing and refining each design beforehand helps us to reduce material waste.

We strive to work collaboratively at every stage. Our team efforts minimize energy usage in the studio.


Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, it is only right that our factory is stocked with only the finest local materials that haven't don't harm the planet. Our wood is as locally sourced as possible for every product and a tree is planted for every tree we use.

We ensure that the paint we use on our products is Non- Toxic, Organic -Fruit and Vegetable based colours(Based on customer requirements) and never washed into local waterways during production.